Living in my own Solar System

In the past two weekends I traveled to Chicago, and Brevard County, Florida, to experience two workshops- Sonia Choquette’s Ask Your Guides, and THE Workshop, led by Margie Ruzzo. Whoa. Two powerhouse energies, one goal- to peel back yet another layer of illusion to see myself, and recognize the Creator in me. I find when we’re look at the same thing, you and I, we inherently look through a different lense. With that lense, imagine what it must have been like to create this world.
In other words, when I look at my life, and others lives, I see a story, a movie, played by different characters in similar roles, that I created for myself to grow. Imagine that everything and everyone in your life, was put there by YOU. Even if you hate your life, your job, etc., notice what you hate and why.
This is the jumping point, the choice at the end of the diving board, to jump or climb back down the ladder of growth. Because with this knowledge, which is inherently inside all of us, I realized I have a choice for how I want to live. I also realized that the only life I can live is mine- because even with our shared humanity, I can’t force anyone to face their pain, their joy, their love. As Sonia put it so eloquently, my heart is a beating Sun- a God spark- and all things I thought I wanted, I thought I should do, I thought were important in my life? Well, those are the eclipse. So often, we focus on the eclipse, rather than our divine light, our incredible oneness. And I used to think I was so alone, then I lost my relationship (my world at the time), found myself, God, and now I see what I’ve felt all along- my struggle, my pain, my journey, doesn’t have to be a broken record, to be told for all of this life, it is the starting point to compassion. I felt it so I would see you, feel your pain, struggle, journey, love.
Connection, true energy exchange, comes in many forms- listening, a smile from a stranger, a song that speaks your heart- and they’re all around you. I’m not saying anything you don’t already know, I am telling you that when you stop looking at the story as if its yours, and only yours, you’ll see that we are meant to create, and with that freedom, we can have the life we dream of, we can see our purpose. Like Blake says, “my business is to create.” I am a creator, I am a dancer, I am a writer, I am a synthesizer, I am love, and I’m here to tell you, as am I, so are you. Don’t be mistaken, the beauty of free will is that the choice is always yours. Are you ready to jump?
Love and light,

Norma Sunshine šŸ™‚



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